About Us

The Masala Kitchen Journey

Masala Kitchen was born in August 2013 as an unassuming lunch shop in a small arcade on Pitt street, Sydney. Masala Kitchen is a new, exciting and intoxicating take on traditional Indian dining. Founders Lucky Rajput and Ashveen Chhabra are challenging and re-imagining the whole concept and perception of Indian Restaurants. This challenge takes an authentic Indian palate and adds a fresh, modern twist to it. It’s exotic. It’s spicy. It’s invigorating. It’s welcoming.

Originally named Masala Bowl, it was the food child of great friends Ash and Lucky. Masala Bowl served a fresh, modern Indian menu with traditional authenticity and taste. Think intoxicating aromas, top quality, fresh ingredients, paired together, balanced and cooked to perfection.

The small lunch shop quickly became a runaway success. So much so, that within 6 months it was bursting at the seams and poised to expand. New premises were needed, and the larger shop next door was available. It was a move that was meant to be!

But that was by no means the end of the story. In the first year after opening, Masala Bowl’s popularity continued to skyrocket. The small lunch shop became a full ala carte restaurant and relocated once again to bigger and better premises on the busy main area of Pitt Street, Sydney.

Now called Masala Kitchen, the growing restaurant was now serving lunch and dinner and was open 7 days.

What was the secret to Masala Kitchen’s success? It’s actually very simple. It’s serving an authentic, fresh menu, delivered in a new way to create an exceptional dining experience.

It’s an experience that honors traditional flavors and methods while incorporating a modern take on it to create a new experience. This new experience offered by the Masala Kitchen team is the intoxicating, exotic, warming and welcoming atmosphere that customers had been asking for, but with that little bit extra.

What’s the Masala Kitchen extra? A full gin bar tailored to complement the menu. With over 100 gins available, the range is second to none. The team are also experts at creating superb cocktails that are carefully matched to the delicious food menu. They are the perfect accompaniment to an exquisite dining experience.

There is also an in house gin blend available for those gin lovers who would like to have a perfectly balanced drop to take home and enjoy. Masala gin explores the same spices that form the base of the food profile, to match and perfectly accompany the mouth-watering menu. Prefer a night in? Order some Masala Kitchen take away, include a bottle of Masala gin and enjoy an at home experience. What more could you want?



Lucky and Ash


Masala Kitchen’s executive team comprises Managing Director, Lucky Rajput and Executive Chef, Ashveen Chhabra. Together, these close friends make quite the team. Lucky brings a wealth of management and hospitality experience to the table, having worked in hospitality and other management roles for over 18 years. Complementing this, Ash has over 20 years of culinary experience in both Indian and other cuisines.

Described as a Ying and Yang team due to their very different styles, experience and approaches, Ash and Lucky complement each other both inside and outside the kitchen. Their creative flair and motivation for success drives the pair to dream big, think outside the box and achieve.

Through the Masala journey, they are well on their way to transform the way we think about Indian cuisine in Australia.

At Masala Kitchen, our mission is to reimagine the whole concept and perception of Indian restaurants. Its honouring tradition, in today’s context.

The Masala Kitchen concept pairs authentic Indian flavours with a uniquely modern twist. This is a combination of traditional fare, complemented by an exquisite and carefully matched gin and cocktail menu.

Where do we see Masala Kitchen going in the future? We have big dreams and big plans for what was our little lunch shop.

Masala Kitchen is now located in 5 locations around Sydney, from the banks of the Nepean River to leafy Lane Cove. But we aren’t stopping there, there are more locations to come.

Each Masala Kitchen location is carefully selected to cater to a bigger catchment and wider mix of demographics. Each venue is uniquely designed to become part of the local community.

Far from being a tacky and garish representation of Indian culture, Masala Kitchen brings colour to a community in a way that pays homage to the beautiful and vibrant Indian culture. It is rich in textures, flavours, aromas and experiences. It is intoxicating and unforgettable.

Our goal for every Masala Kitchen is that it becomes part of the community that it operates in. As local restaurant teams we celebrate the communities that support us. Masala Kitchens become part of the fabric of the local community through our sponsorship of local clubs and support for schools and other community organisations. We are dedicated to giving back to the community who support our business.

Be honest, how many Indian restaurants have you seen that incorporate a gin bar serving cocktails that are carefully matched to the menu? It’s a unique experience that our teams deliver, and it is becoming more and more popular and successful.

In establishing Masala Kitchen, we set out to change the whole concept and perception of Indian Restaurants. Taking authentic flavours and traditional tastes, incorporating some contemporary flair and serving them in modern setting.

The key, though, is remaining true to the traditional flavours and ways. It’s not changing the food, still serving authentic cooking but now with modern touch. Utilising local ingredients to deliver an exceptional seasonal food and cocktail menu.

A unique combination of delicious food, exquisite, matched cocktails and a rich, colourful atmosphere bring the magic of Indian culture to life. It’s a truly exotic and intoxicating experience that will have all demographics coming back for more.

This is the success of Masala Kitchen. It is a restaurant for everyone and every demographic. Whether it be families, businesspeople, couples, singles or friends. Whether the occasion is a large or small celebration, a night out with friends, an informal get together, a formal affair or even if there’s no occasion, we have a unique, exciting and unforgettable experience waiting for you.